How to use sales force automation solution

sales force

By their nature, the systems of sales force automation are multi-purpose platforms, which provide an integrated control over the whole consumer journey. Using such software, salespeople can monitor all the steps of this process, from client prospecting to account maintenance.

Bpm’online is a cloud-based platform of CRM providing businesses with tools for easier buyer acquisition, faster business development and maintenance of the achieved results. This system solution has a number of extremely efficient sales processes. One of the main advantages of such automation solution is that it directs the specialists of the sales department through the most efficient operations on each stage of the sale process and help avoiding all the difficulties. In result, your sales team will be able to make the most of the sales pipeline and increase profits. You can find out more information about this software here –

Sales force automation solution for managing your relationships

Using bpm’online, the members of your sales department can easily operate the contacts in the database. Different customers have different level of importance, therefore it is essential for salespeople to select the most valuable ones and channel the team’s efforts to satisfy their buying needs and preferences. You can read the way this system works on For example, one of the biggest problems of the sales process in B2B is that it is extremely difficult to identify the key decision makers in the buying organization. It means that all of your sales efforts may be ultimately pointed at the wrong direction. One of the core benefits of SFA automation solution is that you can identify the right people to target your sales activities towards. Impressive contact management tools of top-notch automation solutions can help you track the prospects career history and communication history to adjust your sales activities to the needs of potentially profitable clients.

sales force

One more way to develop and nurture the relationship with consumers is to automate all the data about them. Once again, the sales force automation is useful. Such platforms help the sales team to keep all the information about buyers in the same information base. Moreover, they can easily segment the customers and add any relevant information to each particular contact. As soon as the specialist needs some data about his potential buyer, all the necessary figures are at their fingertips. All that the rep has to do is to use this data properly. Among other important information, you can obtain additional data from consumers:

  • Some facts about what they buying preferences are;
  • Insights about what the correct settlement might look like, and so on.

Naturally, some of these facts may seem quite basic. Nevertheless, sometimes salespeople may lose a tiny piece of customer data, which may greatly affect the outcome of the sales process. It becomes quite hard for experts to remember all the essential facts – and this is where the sales force automation system comes to help. Such services let salespeople obtain, systematize and store this data, as well as use it when necessary.

How to manage your own pipeline

It is very important for any salesperson to have a clearly defined process for pipeline management. Not the one that uses the whole company – but his personal, based on his purposes and possibilities. If a specialist uses his own pipeline, he is able to make successful forecasts and develop his client base. Moreover, applying up-to-date sales force automation solutions enables the salespeople to monitor their personal metrics and KPIs. They can see what they’ve managed to do this month, when their work was effective the most, and what engagements have helped them achieve the most impressive results. CRM platforms give your sales team a possibility to forecast how many deals they will be able to close this or the next month. While comparing different periods of their work, they can select the most profitable methods and techniques and thus achieve their sales quota with minimum expense of time and effort.

Follow the guidelines for each business process and you will manage to get the maximum out of your client list:

  • Track the whole history of interaction with every client. Take into account all the details – quotes, activities, emails, feed discussions and so on. When analyzing such processes, you’ll manage to determine your own formula of successful sales.
  • While using sales force automation solutions, convert leads into opportunities. For this purpose, you should identify the responsible sales rep, a customer’s budget, their needs and the time they need to make a decision.
  • In order to decide whether to reject or confirm further participation in a certain deal, you can use special tools of SFA platforms. They automatically qualify each lead, so that you won’t bark up the wrong tree in your work.
  • The services of this type offer a great variety of ready-made presentations for all types of services and goods. Choose the most suitable one from the digital library, summarize your previous decisions, remember all the agreements, and clinch the win.
  • Preparation of successful proposals is one more possibility offered by CRM systems. The system will do everything for you – calculate appropriate prices, attach the necessary documents, describe all the opportunities to the client. All you need to do is to follow the stages of the document approval process.