The Advantages of Using CCTV Surveillance


Research shows that more surveillance cameras are used per person in the UK than any other place internationally. The reason for the popularity of CCTV can be attributed to Bernard Hogan Howe, the metropolitan police commissioner. In 2015, the commissioner said that the installation of CCTVs assisted detectives in solving crimes.

What Is a CCTV?

A CCTV, which is a closed-circuit television system, features the use of video to track the exterior and interior of a commercial property or residence. A signal is sent to one or more monitors. When a criminal sees that a CCTV used on a premises, he or she is less likely to vandalise or trespass. If he or she spots a camera, he or she may conclude that it is simpler to move on to another less-secured property.

In fact, research shows that the addition of CCTV in a car park led to a 51% reduction in crime. When CCTV was used at public transportation sites, crime decreased by 23%. In public settings, crime took a 7% plunge. Even at that low percentage, it still made a significant difference.

Enhanced Security Means Enhanced Peace of Mind

Because CCTV security systems are designed to prevent criminal activities, they can also reduce the premiums that homeowners and businesses pay. Because a business’s or home‘s risk is lowered, the amount of insurance is reduced as well. Also, it is important to have a video recording of your property in case a crime is committed. If an insurer discovers that your home was not secured, they may question a claim submission and refuse to pay a reimbursement for a loss.

That is why security companies in Leeds emphasise the importance of adding CCTV to a home or business. This brings added peace of mind, especially in locations that deal with a higher rate of crime. Plus, some of the more sophisticated systems highlight wireless designs, which means that they can be viewed from tablets or smartphones. That way, a business owner or homeowner can check his or her property with just the click of a button.

Stay in Control of Your Security

If you want your home security to be highly accessible, then the use of CCTV is a priority. This type of monitoring system enables the homeowner and authorities to see what items are stolen and obtain an overall picture of a criminal activity. When a property is monitored and watched using CCTV, it makes it possible for any property or business owner to stay in control of his or her overall security.

You do not want to wait until a crime occurs before you make a security upgrade to CCTV. The time to act is now if you want to make the most of securing your property. This type of security is not only cost-efficient but it is simple to comprehend and use. You just need to align yourself with a security company that features the technology and can assist you in operating and maintaining a system. You can get any questions answered as well regarding how the cameras are powered and how to further protect your premises from vandalism and theft.