The Important Guide of Bitcoin Wallet:


Bitcoin Armory

Armory is one of those bitcoin wallets that are rich in features and have secure platform. It has triple different modes which are the Standard, the Advanced and the Developer. Its security features include an illustrative keyboard that gives protection against keyloggers, support for deterministic Bitcoin wallets, offline transactions and options for wide range cold storage.

Doing transactions offline definetly increase security and protection for your wallet. Armory does not have any features for networking, so it does require the official Bitcoin Core wallet. Armory can be run on Windows, Linux and Mac. It can also be run as an Ubuntu PPA.


Multibit wallet is a lightweight software. Compared to other software wallets, private keys are encrypted locally or through a USB stick. Multibit is very fast to use because it does not need to download the entire blockchain to send, receive and access funds. It connects to the Bitcoin network directly and downloads only few parts of the blockchain, thus giving also a lot of free space on the user’s hard drive. Multibit is available in 35 languages and can run ob Windows, Mac and Linux.


Electrum is also a lightweight software freewallet. It supports multiple wallets from a seed or, in other words, deterministic wallets. It allows offline transactions and ” root public key” which allows compatible applications to monitor your bitcoin wallet. Electrum also supports importing and exporting of private keys from other BTC wallets.

Electrum is also fast like Multibit and also available on Windows, Linux, Mac and Android platforms.

If you want to bring your Bitcoin wallet anywhere without using a computer, then you should buy for a hardware or mobile bitcoin wallet. Hardware Bitcoin wallets are devices that store a part of your software Bitcoin wallet securely. The private keys are stored securely in the microcontroller and cannot be moved out from the device easily in plaintext. It is also safe from computer viruses and attackerd which steal bitcoins from software wallets. We recommend these three wallet providers for hardware wallets:


Keepkey is one of the newest hardware wallet in the Cryptocurrency industry. It does not only supports Bitcoin but also Litecoin, Testnet, Namecoin, Dash and Dogecoin. It also offers a chrome interface (only for Bitcoin though). Getting started with it is easy. You only need to download two chrome apps, first is for generating the wallet and second is for connecting to Keepkey.

The keepkey hardware is a beautifully designed and user-friendly device making it the most expensive hardware wallet. If you do not mind the price, this would be the coolest device for you.