Using a Modern Shipping Network to Distribute Your Parcels


Due to the ever-changing economic landscape, finding a viable logistics solution that you can actually count on seems to be next to impossible. Although the global shipping industry was once a reliable commercial engine, the lasting effects of 2008’s financial crash have finally started catching up to the sector.

During the run-up to the housing bubble of 2008, the shipping industry was booming and individual firms had no qualms about keeping massive amounts of inventory on hand. However, when the crash inevitably brought about a lower demand for goods, the entire international shipping community was faced with a significant oversupply of parcels and companies started dropping off one by one. From various port shippers and trucking firms to the recent bankruptcy of South Korea’s biggest shipping firm, Hanjin Shipping, our global distribution network is experiencing some troubling reverberations.

Fortunately, the rise of online shipping networks has been able to offset some of the recent tumult for both logistics companies and consumers alike. If you’ve ever used an aggregate website to find a reputable hotel, car dealership, or product supplier, you were essentially using a dedicated resource to compare and contrast different firms before picking the best one. Online shipping networks operate in a similar fashion except that these organisations go the extra mile by offering consumers a comprehensive distribution solution through a single channel rather than merely offering a list of various options. So, if you’re looking for a viable UK pallet delivery service, for instance, keep reading to find out how these online conveyance specialists operate.

What Is an Online Shipping Network?

Also commonly referred to as pallet couriers, these organisations are able to offer unbeatable rates without sacrificing any safety, security, or expediency, which has allowed them to persevere through the recent economic mayhem.

As such, the most reputable online shipping networks feature extensive partnerships with parcel carriers, distribution agents, logistics companies, and freight services, which means that they have access to a far-reaching system of viable shipping solutions above and beyond what you’d find in an independent company. This type of modus operandi allows online shipping networks to create customised conveyance routes through multiple delivery services, which is something that standalone firms cannot recreate on their own.

How Can You Use One of These Services?

If you visit the website of a renowned parcel courier service, you’ll quickly see how easy it is to facilitate a delivery:

  1. Request a Free Quote: Through the online portal, simply input the specific details of what you wish to ship and you’ll receive a near-instantaneous quote. Regardless of whether you wish to ship a single item or a massive consignment, you’ll be able to access a personalised quote tailor-made for your needs.
  2. Create a Booking: After receiving your quote, you can book your pallet delivery service within mere minutes. Once your submission is accepted, a network of carriers will use the information to establish collection arrangements for your package(s).
  3. Track Your Deliveries: A dedicated online tracking system allows you to keep tabs on exactly where your parcels happen to be throughout their journeys.

As you stand to save up to 75% on your next shipment, it’s worth your while to at the very least request a no-obligation quote from one of these shipping networks, especially if your logistics budget is in flux.