Why Java is recommended for beginners


Multiple streams or platforms for developing a language or product are needed. When programming languages or technologies is spoken about, Java is an obvious choice. For a lot of applications or systems, it is needed and finds its use in embedded devices like laptops, phone or tablets.

Importance and role of Java in the IT sector

If any code is developed in Java language, and this is for web application it could be used for mobile platform as well. It is different from normal programme oriented languages like C ++. The best part is that it is free from any platform and for networked computers; it is one of the best programmed languages. Here are some of the features of a Java app and the benefits it brings to the IT sector

  • It works out to be an open source platform. The business can go on to download the developed apps and the tools are free of cost. In hindsight, it reduces the total costs that is being associated with the developmental process
  • It can be designed in any manner and be put to use in various platforms or operating systems
  • It is secure and with the aid of stock allocation system you are able to store data and use it.
  • Since the codes tend to be reusable you can put it to use for any other application on Java platform
  • The apps that are modelled in Java are dynamic and are a delight to the developers.

Careers for fresher’s in Java

Because of cross nature platform, Java has indeed become popular. It would mean that it works on UNIX system, Macintosh and it has gone to gain the attention of close to 9 million users. Nearly a majority of the software developers have an engineering degree and some 10 % have a master’s degree coupled with it. If you are looking to make a career in Java then you would need a software engineering degree coupled with speciality courses in Java platform. The job prospects are going to increase with experience and for this reason a lot of students tend to prefer education along with internship based programs.

If you are looking to pursue a career in Java technology, then you should have a strong foothold in technological domain. You would need to pursue your skill sets in a competitive environment and should have the ability in picking up new language or skill sets. If you have interpersonal skills then the value aspect increases all the more. Before you take up this course it is suggested that you part of a java assessment test to figure out where you stand.

The future

The future of Java is rosy and Java employment opportunities are expected to increase by 19 % in 2024. As per recent updates Java 8 has been released and work on Java 9 ++ is being already undertaken. Technology moves at a fast pace and everyone is looking to the new version of Java with their updates.