Protecting Your Business from Criminals


There are several security measures you can take as a business owner to help protect your property, one of the best ways of increasing security around your business is to install CCTV security cameras. The UK has more cameras protecting its homes and commercial businesses than any other country in the world. Here are some of the major benefits of installing CCTV.

What is a CCTV system?

CCTV (closed circuit television) is also known as video surveillance, it is a closed TV system which monitors your property and provides surveillance when you are not around. Cameras are carefully positioned at key points throughout your premises, these cameras record anything that comes into view and projects these images back to a monitoring screen. CCTV relies on strategically placed cameras to relay signals back to the main system, these images can be viewed by any individual who has access to the primary monitor.

Benefits of Installing CCTV

  • Deterrent

One of the main benefits of installing CCTV is that it acts as a deterrent against criminals, it doesn’t just monitor the grounds of your premises and your internal structures, it stops criminals from choosing your business as an easy target. Once they see that you have CCTV cameras installed across your landscape, they’ll think twice about trying to break into your place. If they believe there is a chance they’ll easily get caught or recorded on CCTV, they are more likely to choose another target. Aegis Security a specialist organisation who provides security equipment for businesses across the East and South East of England, supply state of the art CCTV systems. They understand the importance of installing the right type of security surveillance and they offer systems for both commercial and residential premises at an affordable price.

  • Prevention

It is much easier to take steps to prevent a crime rather than deal with it after it has occurred. This is exactly what a CCTV system does, if some criminal stakes out your business, only to find it is under surveillance 24 hours a day, they’ll abandon their plans and seek out an easier alternative. It is important to have your cameras installed at high points throughout your premises, this ensures they can’t be reached or disabled by intruders.

  • Decreased Insurance Cost

If you choose to install CCTV on your premises, you can decrease the cost of your home or business insurance policy. If you’ve taken measures to improve security levels, then you may be able to avail of a reduced policy. If your property suffers criminal damage or is burglarised, the insurance company may be reluctant to pay out if you didn’t have adequate security measures in place. In addition, security cameras also give you evidence to substantiate your claim.

Installing a state of the art surveillance system provides you with peace of mind, you know your property is being monitored around the clock, especially outside working hours when you are most vulnerable. CCTV acts as an excellent deterrent against intruders and vandals, it can also reduce the price of your property insurance.