Why Should Your School Start Using an Online Single Central Record?

Online SCR

Schools use a single central record to manage and archive the various checks carried out during the employment process. These systems can be costly, inefficient, and difficult to update and manage. Online record software offers a more effective way for your administration team to manage staff records.

Advantages of Using an Online Single Central Record

The single central record helps to collect all the employee checks in one primary location. When Ofsted needs to perform an inspection, these records make it easier for schools to provide the necessary information. Utilising an online record provides many advantages over the use of OEM software:

  • You can access records from any location.
  • Online software is automatically updated.
  • The online portal is easier to use and access.
  • The software is maintained by the software provider.

These advantages help take some of the pressure off your administrative team. They will have more time to spend on their main responsibilities.

Implement Custom Single Central Record Software

Besides the advantages listed, Online SCR also gives schools a bespoke solution for managing administrative records. Every school is different with specific requirements and features. The use of SCR software should meet these needs. Specialists will work with you to provide a custom SCR solution.

The single central record software that you use may be outdated or lack the functionality that you require to easily handle administrative tasks. Implementing an online record provides custom options and numerous advantages, such as ease of access and convenience. Consider using online software to increase the efficiency of your school administration.