Why You Need the Motospeed 104 Gaming Mechanic Keyboard


Out of all the computer peripherals presented in today’s market, the Motospeed 104 Gaming Mechanic Keyboard is by far the one you want in your computer peripheral toolbox. As a fun-colored, backlit keyboard, the pros of this peripheral are obvious: its finely-crafted key caps provide users with enhanced comfort when in use, while the programmable, multi-layered colors give users a customized experience. There are many more unique features of the Motospeed 104 Gaming Mechanic Keyboard, however. Here, I’ll highlight the best parts of this computer accessory that you don’t want to miss.

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Visual Appearance

It showcases nine different types of lighting effects, all ranging in a wide array of colors. Simply press the FN and INS buttons together on the keyboard to switch up your ideal mode. Gamers will especially enjoy the RGB per-lighting feature, as it allows users to create one-of-a-kind backlighting designs. The keyboard’s software application, which enables this customization, gives you options that specifically tailor the keys to your own unique color preferences. Its double-color injection molding technology will have you seeing vibrant color unmatched by other models.


Long-lasting performance is important for everyone who chooses a computer peripheral. The Motospeed 104 keyboard guarantees high function and ultimate wear-resistance through its specially engineered manufactured design. Again, its double-color injection molding technology outperforms other competitors in terms of brightness and longevity with its colorful backlighting. Plus, its suspended key caps prevent overall discoloration and ensures a lifespan of up to 50 million keystrokes. The Motospeed 104’s brilliant aluminum alloy panel and gold-plated USB port also delivers wonderful stability to every user.

Great Gaming Features

With 104 keys that include all-key anti-ghosting capabilities, you can easily take your gaming experience to the next level. In addition, the Motospeed 104 keyboard offers advanced mechanical switch technology which provides smooth, efficient, and more comfortable usage at all times. This computer peripheral also contains a built-in game chip that perfectly syncs with all PC devices, making computer and online games a breeze to navigate. Its 3ms faster response speed will be sure to deliver a stellar performance during all of your computer activities.

User-friendly Design

For added familiarity, the Motospeed 104 displays a series of common multimedia shortcut keys that can be easily accessed through the FN key. Customize these functions to your advantage so that you can create faster procedures when gaming. Also enjoy the keyboard’s four non-slip mats and two holders which give you the support and stability needed for long-term use.


There are some important takeaways when looking at the advantages of the Motospeed 104 Gaming Mechanic Keyboard. It certainly delivers extra flair to your gaming experience by offering a multitude of colors and brightness options. Plus, it stays on par with competitor gaming keyboards by enabling highly functional and durable features that are specifically personalized for gamers. As one of the computer peripherals that refuse to compromise on quality, the Motospeed 104 keyboard makes for a smooth, comfortable, and fun experience that will last every user for years to come.