Why Your Business Still Needs a Phone


While it has become easier and easier for customers to reach out to their favourite business via email, texts, and even social media accounts, the traditional phone is still important, no matter what business sector you are in. In fact, while some business owners think they can get rid of the phone without suffering any consequences, you do need to have a phone at your company to ensure that you are able to provide support for customers as well as to make sales to potential clients. While this may seem antiquated, the right phone system will allow you to operate efficiently and will improve your bottom line. Even if everyone in your company has a cell phone, having a dedicated line to your business is important.

It Looks Professional

Most businesses when they are just starting out are reluctant to pay for a phone line that’s dedicated just to the company, but you can make a much better impression on future clients when you are able to give them a number to your business, and not just your personal cell phone number. It’s a good idea to have your new line forwarded to your cell phone so you can answer calls no matter where you are. You can also customise where the call is forwarded during business or weekend hours, making you look even more professional and organised.

Appeal to All Ages

Trying to get away with running your business without a phone will alienate a lot of potential customers. Some people, particularly the elderly, do not want to email about a question or concern they have. For them, being able to pick up the phone and speak to a real person is important, and you want to offer that service to make sure you appeal to people of all ages and generations. Without the ability for people to contact you quickly, you can easily lose clients to a competitor.

They Offer Clearer Calls

Cell phones are notorious for dropping calls or for being difficult to hear. A dedicated business phone number will ensure that your calls are not dropped and that you will be able to hear who you are talking to. If you are unsure of what phone system is right for you, you will need to work with a company who specialises in coming up with the perfect business telephony solution. What will work for you company may not work for a larger or smaller one, but being able to offer clear calls is something that every business should value.

It’s important that you don’t consider skipping the phone line for your business. While you may feel like you are able to free up some room in the budget by not having a dedicated business phone, the truth is that you will be selling your company short and it will be more difficult for you to make sales and keep your customers happy. If you place any importance on customer service and making sales, you will see the high value that a business phone line still has.