The Importance Of Event Marketing


Events offer the ideal opportunity to reach a like-minded audience already warm to your industry, products and services. From product launches to engaging with your existing customers, whether face to face or online, events should be an essential part of your company’s marketing strategy.

Lead Generation

With your target demographic under one roof, there can be no better way to generate leads for your business. By general engagement with passing traffic at a trade show or by running a competition or a demonstration on your stand to attract an audience, the opportunities are boundless. Gather and store your leads carefully, make notes where necessary and don’t forget to follow up within a few days on your return to the office. Make that connection and develop a relationship that could result in long and prosperous association.

Brand Awareness

Attending events is an opportunity to raise awareness and establish your brand in a competitive market place. Your customers and prospective customers will be able to see first-hand how you do business and will have the opportunity to experience the company’s vision and values. Ensure your exhibition stand is prominent, welcoming and well branded with clear messaging. Events also offer the opportunity to view your competitors, to learn more about your industry and to understand trends and forecasts. Don’t forget to look at what your competitors are doing on their stands and note what works (and what doesn’t) so their ideas can adapted for your future events. Don’t miss out on press opportunities that may be available. The press always attend and will take interest on any unusual or quirky activities that are happening so be sure to think outside the box to attract attention.


It’s easier to gain business from your existing customer base, they already trust you and there is a level of loyalty that has developed over time. Maintaining and nurturing this relationship is essential and events offer a cost effective opportunity to meet multiple customers in one place. You have the luxury of getting their attention without the distractions of their everyday role and you also have the chance of an upsell opportunity to introduce them to your full product or services range. Events also offer the chance to engage with a new audience who will have the time to listen to what you say and enjoy learning about what your organisation has to offer. You can start the engagement process by promoting your event online via social media in the days leading up to the event. Don’t forget to add your comments to the organiser’s posts and of course create regular posts during the event to help create a buzz amongst your followers and to remind them to come and visit your stand.

Types of Events

Exhibitions and trade shows are becoming more and more popular. Whether B2B or B2C, there are many to choose from. Good research and understanding your objectives will help you make an informed choice, then plan in advance and ensure your team understand their goals to make the most of your investment. Creating exciting indoor stands will help attract attention and for outdoor events, exhibition trailers can make a huge impact to help your company get noticed!

Business breakfast, lunches or dinners are usually smaller, targeted events that provide essential business networking opportunities. Seminars are also excellent for networking and provide the chance to share information, to educate at the same time as promoting your company to an interested audience.

Online events have risen in popularity over the years. Webinars usually involve presentations, discussions and workshops that allow interaction between participants and discussion with the presenters. They will keep you up to date with the latest industry information and provide an opportunity for your organisation to make its mark with a wider demographic. With the help of a webcam, you can run a live streaming event or if you think that would be too much to organise, you could engage a team to take care of the filming. A great way to engage with your customers online at the same time as offline, reaching two audiences by providing an opportunity for those who can’t attend in person.

Regardless of the type of events you decide to do, ensure you promote your presence and create a buzz online and offline. Make sure you are in the event guide or brochure, that you push messages out on social media and that you contact everyone on your database to let them know what event you are running or where you will be exhibiting. Communication before and after any event is key to their success.