Top Easy to Use Video Applications for Android Users


Do you love to watch videos, music songs and movies? Indeed, it is a real fun and thrill. But what if you don’t have the variety in your video collection? Do you feel off that you don’t have variety for your entertainment? Well, what if you have variety of videos and movies to stream and download for free?

What you can do is you just install 9apps Apk and this play store would acquaint you with some of the finest and most cherished applications for downloading videos. These video applications would give you access to limitless videos that too without any penny. Indeed, check out the following few options of the best applications to consider for your video bonanza.

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Snap Tube

Snap tube is also a good and easy way to download YouTube videos in the Android without any hassle and with satisfaction.  The app has the user- friendly working that permits rapid entrance to any website directly from the common or chief menu. The app suggests a great feature wherein the downloaded video gets saved straightaway to the gallery and hence allowsthe users to share any video right away to Facebook, twitter, or even that of any other types of websites.  You can easily get this application without spending any money and the app would give you a rich time for sure.


Videoder is a good, featured and easy to use downloading app for androids. The wonderful thing about this app is the (UI) user interface; all the things on this app appear to be so clean and controllable that you are not going to experience any problem using this app. When you use this app, you would get videos from more than twenty website such as Facebook, twitter, Instagram and YouTube etc. Not simply the videos content, but you can also get music from the sound cloud or even YouTube in mp3 or mp4 format from video.   The application is truly a treat if you appreciate variety, features and ease of use.


It is a good choice too. You can download Vidmate 2018 or any other version of this app and you would experience quality and quantity both. The application gives you an access to variety of platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Vimeo, Tumblr, Metacafe, Dailymotion and many other platforms. Moreover, you can also choose formats too like that of mp4, 3gp, FLV, AVI and others. The application is also easy to use and fun to explore. You would not find any problem with the speed to because the developers of Vidmate have made sure that the app runs at the top most speed that the user has. Finally, this app is absolutely free and without any safety issues.


Thus, you can get all these applications from 9apps and make sure that you have the best apps to experience endless variety in videos and movies! Once you explore these applications, you would never have to compromise on your video streaming or downloading experiences.