Top Music Videos Of 2019


We have just entered in 9 months of 2019 but we are already provided by the top music videos so far. Music is the tool used by everyone, no matter of age, profession or other factors. Now it becomes really impossible to travel without listening music. Music has become the huge part of our life; it soothes our senses and relaxes our body. Everybody has different tastes in music; some people like to listen rhythmic music, Hindi or Bollywood, Hollywood, etc. Jonas brothers has surprised everybody with their stunning performance in song Sucker, they all comeup after so many years to give us a bang song. Now, we can download our favourite music videos, songs, movies only on one platform- Vidmate. Here is the list of songs of 2019 which topped our watching list:

  1. Stray: “Stray” by GraceVanderWall. A genius from the show America’s got talent has come up with the fascinate music video of 2019. It visualizes her in the middle of the dessert, riding on a Pink sunset. It shows the urge of growing with freedom.
  2. Sucker: “Sucker” by Jonas brothers. This is the song by American rock group and released in March. In this video, Jonas brothers performed with their wives in the video. This song won the ‘video of the year’ award. This video song is nominated for many categoriesof awards.
  3. Burry a friend: “Burry a friend” by Billie Eilish. This song is by American singer Billie Eilish, it’s her 5th single debut of her career. This song got so many positive reviews from viewers. It is difficult to guess from the name that is it a horror movie or an action movie. You can check out its video from Vidmate.
  4. Break up with your girlfriend, I’m bored: This song is by Ariana Grande. In this music video, she featured a couple in the club and invades their relationship and asks that boy to break up with her Girlfriend and this video comes with many plot twists. And she ends up the video in a bisexual way.
  5. Earfquake:“Earfquake” by American rapper Tyler. This song is from his new album IGOR. Only he has the talent of wearing a blue suit with a blonde wig and set everything on fire with his music video.
  6. Look what god gave her: This song is by Thomas Rhett and he wrote this song with his father. This movie was released in April. It was the bestselling song of the week.
  7. Going bad: This song is by American rapper meek mill and drake. It was released in February 2019 from the leading album of Meek’s Championship and the movie was directed by kid art.

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